Hungary Pork Kft.

Hungary Pork kft is a company owned by Claudia van Genugten and Willem Pijnenburg who are both deriving from families in the pig farming industry in the Netherlands. The even fuller market in Western Europe in the pig farming finishers section was the motivation to search across the borders looking for further development of the company. 

Hungary had just entered the European Union and had great development opportunities in the pig farming industry. This due to the central location in Europe, low self sufficiency rate of pig meat and lots of farmland with qualitative good grain production.

In 2006, the first location was bought in Környe. This location was fully renovated for keeping pigs. After starting up, another two locations were bought in the neighborhood of Bábolna. In 2009-2010, the second location was build in Tarkány and started up in June 2010.

Piglets for the locations in Környe and Tarkány are imported from the Netherlands. These piglets come from sow farms owned by Willem Pijnenburg, located in the province of Noord Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. Here, 1500 sows are held.

For the location in Bábolna, piglets are bought externally. In the near future, Hungary Pork strives to self sustain this location as well to breeth the piglets in Hungary. This is necessary to maintain and steer the quality of the meat.